Our Team

It's true — none of us own a razor.

For the last ten years, the three of us have been on adventures. Everything from touring the country as a band to a full chronological journey through Disney films. When we aren't working, we love to eat tacos and play board games.

Bobby Lauritson   Director  |  Cinematography  |  Editor

Bobby Lauritson

Director  |  Cinematography  |  Editor

Alec Gilbertson   Story Creation  |  Director  |  Writing

Alec Gilbertson

Story Creation  |  Director  |  Writing

Dane Pedersen   DP  |  Photography  |  Cinematography

Dane Pedersen

DP  |  Photography  |  Cinematography



Our moms say we are really good.

We wear a lot of hats on a film set and wouldn't change a thing. It enables us to see things differently and find innovations that benefit the story. Whatever it takes to bring your idea to life, we will make it happen.



Sara is our favorite, shhh...don't tell the others.

We love what we do. Getting to work with such wonderful people drives us to be better at our job everyday. Connection and relationship are at the foundation of every good story. Here are a few of our favorites.